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Mentoring & Inspiring Women in Radio Biography

Ruth Presslaff
Presslaff Interactive Revenue
Torrance, California

Ruth Presslaff is on a mission to show the media that there’s a goldmine of opportunity in their audience databases. Her company, Presslaff Interactive Revenue thrives at the cross-road of marketing and technology. Started in 1988, PIR (originally The Media Gallery, Inc.) combines proprietary state of the art technology with experienced database marketing and sales practices.

PIR’s Dat-e BaseSM E-mail Marketing software is used by more radio stations than any other industry platform. Over 1000 media properties, radio, television stations and newspapers throughout the U.S. and Canada, rely on Presslaff products to identify and learn about their loyal listeners, viewers and readers in order to better serve their audience and advertising clients.

Presslaff has an extensive radio background, ranging from on-air work in New Orleans to senior radio network management experience. She started PIR over 20 years ago and is a sought-after speaker on the programming, marketing and sales benefits of interactive technology and database marketing.

Ruth Presslaff has spoken at numerous conferences including the Word of Mouth Marketing Association, National Association of Broadcasters, IMA Public Broadcasting Conference, Radio Advertising Bureau Managing Conference, Broadcast Promotion and Marketing Expo and the Country Radio Seminar. She has been named to Radio Ink’s list of Most Influential Women in Broadcasting for many years running.

Ruth Presslaff is based in Torrance, CA. In addition to Southern California, PIR has offices in Seattle, Denver and Connecticut.

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